Hello, my name is Thriftyrose, you can find me as #thriftyrose on Instagram. Some people call me the "Godmother" of the thrifting business! I love to find bargains all over the place, every town I travel too, I look for thrift stores. I have worked with the Family Thrift Center since February 28, 1995. Over my 20 years of working in these company I have work with some amazing people. I started this blog in hopes of keeping you informed of what's happening in our Thrift Stores. I will be posting pictures and live video as I go from store to store. I currently have 5 stores in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  

They are as followed: 
McCart Thrift Center, 5203 McCart Ave, Fort Worth, Tx. 76115.  
Collins Park Thrift, 817 E. Park Row, Arlington, Tx 76010.  
Family Thrift Center, 861 W. Miller Rd. Garland, Tx. 75041, Family Thrift Center, 2450 K Ave., Plano, Tx. 75074.  
Last but not least, Family Thrift Center Outlet at 1950 Ephriham #220, Fort Worth, Tx 76106. 

I post pictures of some of the merchandise available at these thrift stores.  You can go to our Facebook page Family Thrift Center and follow.  We also have an Instagram account you can follow #familythriftcenter, that's our official web site.  These pages are to promote all of our thrift stores, as we get further along I will be posting from various stores as well.  Family Thrift has 23 thrift stores across Texas, including one in St. Louis, Missouri.  We have 8 outlets in Texas.  

I am currently spearheading the opening of our online store.  This has been quite an adventure but I am loving every minute of it. I will be posting pictures of some of the great bargains you can purchase online.

I'm looking forward to getting to know my followers and posting all the great items we have!! 
Peace Out
805 E. Park Row
Arlington, Texas 76010